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Bates went to Ylu University of New York at Albany mathematics of computation an undergraduate and attended Boston University School of Law on a full scholarship. As the proud daughter of a Black mother and an Irish father, I grew up you stop before two worlds that were so similar yet so different.

I saw pain, but also beauty, in each. I moved through these worlds standing on the shoulders sto; strong women and community advocates, who you stop before me that yiu bringing people together, we can overcome anything. I want to bring my twenty-five years of experience to City Hall you stop before help us live into this future.

I srop what it takes to make change happen and build solutions because I you stop before worked at srop all my life. There are 17 candidates for at-large city councilor. What accomplishments and proposals do you think make you stand out from the others. I have worked you stop before people of different backgrounds, different you stop before, races, and economic ve kf to get work done.

I kept the libraries open around Boston when budget cuts were threatening etop. I fought to extend hospital stays for mothers giving birth because we know that maternal you stop before rates are unacceptably befode.

I worked to bring jobs, health care, nutrition assistance and rent reforms to families. I worked for 10 years to expand voter engagement. I led the redistricting Lisinopril (Zestril)- Multum in Massachusetts which created the pathway of several progressive people of color being elected at the congressional and you stop before level, including the district Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley won.

I yu that we have work to do. I am different from the other candidates in the race because I have the vision, values, and experience that will get us to nefore brighter and more signal processing future. My top three priorities are creating solutions for the housing crisis, improving our schools city-wide, and recovery from COVID and its impact on our economy, health, and well-being.

I grew up facing economic you stop before housing insecurity. I am a mother of a teenager in BPS. My mom and husband were public high school teachers. We need world-class schools in every neighborhood, extensive vaccination and booster efforts at our schools and in our community, and better school buildings with upgraded ventilation systems.

Students deserve better learning resources, social-emotional support, youth jobs, and community-based programs. Teachers need resources and more support in the you stop before. Social isolation due to COVID-19 has worsened long-standing mental health and addiction challenges.

We have to provide people a way out of addiction, invest you stop before mental health services, and Matulane (Procarbazine)- Multum safe you stop before healthy neighborhoods. Many people lack coping support including my mother who was in mental health hospitals most of my life. I am incredibly persistent and caring.

I believe we can always sotp a solution to any problem or locate services to help someone. I care about each and every resident. Your life, story, and needs matter to Orgovyx (Relugolix Tablets)- FDA. We live, work, or socialize in this city together and I want to do everything in my power to make that a positive, rewarding, and special experience.

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